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The Pandemic Watch app is designed for you to keep up to date on pandemic related news from around the world so that you can easily notice trends.


Pandemics are catastrophic events with 3 main causes:

1.  Natural pathogens from nature (DISEASES)
2. Accidental creation and release of a pathogen during scientific research (RESEARCH)
3. Intentional release of pathogens or weaponized pathogens by individuals or groups (BIOTERROR)

Pandemic Watch by Pandemic Academic

With the Pandemic Watch App you can:

★ Access continually updated information not easily accessible

★ Read the latest global pandemic related news

★ Access meticulously categorized unbiased news by the 3 pandemic causes

★ Get educated by reading as little or as much as you like

★ Get answers to frequently asked questions

★ Prevent pandemics by using the information wisely

★ Help Pandemic Watch become a better app for you by contacting us

★ Bring fundamental change to the public health field by putting the information in your hands

★ Make an awesome investment in your health because this app is free!

Tip: If you notice an increase in certain diseases in topics or headlines or reports, pay attention and be prepared!

Our basic human need to survive is continually at risk from ever spreading and adapting disease causing pathogens.


Use this App anywhere to keep up to date on impending pandemics, threats and trends in the world or in your geographic area.
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Share this app with the rest of the world so that all of this valuable information is in everyone’s hands. Rate this app also so that more people are inclined to download and use it. Help us make this app better by sending suggestions and we will add more features. We care but to care even more we are actively looking for funding, so please contact us if you can help or have suggestions!

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