Zombie Fortune Cookies

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

Zombie Fortune Cookies app prepares you for your inevitable life as a zombie by giving you advice and fortunes now. The zombie apocalypse is almost here so get this app now and rate it too.


Zombie Fortune Cookies:

★  Get zombified by three know viruses

★  Break open to disembowel fortune cookies with iPhone’s multitouch capabilities

★  Train and get your fortunes to prepare you for life as a zombie

★  Share your fortunes on Facebook and Twitter

★  Experience original atmospheric graphics and sound

★  Enjoy the only zombie themed fortune cookie app

Zombie Fortune Cookies App Screenshots

This app is steeped in real zombie lore and made for both those who love and love to hate zombies. It is dark, intelligent, funny at times and splattered with unexpected insanity.

Zombie Fortune Cookies App Icon

Download the App now From the iTunes Store or search for Zombie Fortune Cookies.

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