FJ Cruiser Fan App Has Been Launched

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FJ Cruiser Fan App Has Been Launched

We have built and released the first Toyota FJ Cruiser based fan app. We built this FREE app for those who love, own, dream of owning  or are just curious about one of the most unique and capable vehicles every built, the FJ Cruiser (including ourselves). This app is available for Android phones now and iOS Apple devices soon!

This is the ultimate FJ Cruiser  fan app, a one stop shop for everything FJ Cruiser related! If you love the FJ’s like we do, then this all inclusive app will make you happy. Get the most recent updates and the greatest collection of resources for the ultimate FJ Cruiser fan.

FJ Cruiser Fan App Screen Shots by Pandemic Academic

News, Pictures, Videos, Tweets & Facebook
★ Breaking FJ Cruiser Online News
★ FJ Cruiser Pictures
★ FJ Cruiser Videos
★ FJ Cruiser Facebook
★ FJ Cruiser Tweets
★ Local Events (location aware)

Below is a picture of the app icon made for this iconic vehicle. This is a pose and silhouette that is instantly recognizable by most.



This app is for you so please give us feedback on how to make it a better app. We also would appreciate any compliments on the app and how awesome we are.

Download the App now for FREE or search Elder Scrolls Online in the Google Play.

googl play android button

We are not affiliated with the Toyota, just owners of Toyota FJ Cruisers and massive fans of this amazing vehicle.


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