Guyana App for all news Guyana

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Guyana App for all news Guyana

We have created a Guyana app that is the  stop shop app for all things related to Guyana. Whether you live in Guyana or internationally, this app is for you. You can get the most recent updates and the greatest collection of resources for this South American nation. I spent eight years in Guyana and want to give the international Guyanese community a simple, informative and fun resource for keeping up to date on international and local happenings related to Guyana. This app is a direct result of the technology being used to create the Pandemic Watch app.

Guyana App by Pandemic Academic

News, Pictures, Videos, Tweets, Facebook & Events
★  Up to date News
★  Guyana Pictures
★  Guyana Videos
★  Facebook of the President
★  Guyana Tweets
★  Local Events (location aware)


Guyana App icon by Pandemic Academic


Download the App now for FREE or search Guyana in the Google Play.

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