Pandemic Academic Launches

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Pandemic Academic Launches

Pandemic Academic has been in the paper napkin sketch phase for years but is now a reality! It is a startup based in the Washington DC area and founded by Nishal Mohan in 2012. Pandemic Academic’s goal is to create scientific, public health and entertainment apps for the iPhone and iPad iOS platforms as well as for Android devices. We are a unique mix of talents and and some may even call us accomplished leaders and innovators in these fields.

The fact is that we are a multi-disciplinary team. At Pandemic Academic, you will find scientists, designers, artists, storytellers, researchers and builders. We tackle exciting and challenging problems with apps and web technologies as tools to create truly global solutions that meet the unique needs of each project and client. We believe that we can make the world a better place and Pandemic Academic will help us to do so.

Please be sure to contact us with any inquiries or if you just want to say how awesome we are. We already have a few exciting projects in the pipeline, so check back here and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter please.


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