First Ever Zombie Fortune Cookie App

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First Ever Zombie Fortune Cookie App

This is the first public release of a screenshot of actual App graphics!

The “Zombie App” as it was called in the sneak peek has progressed from napkin sketch to non-napkin design to programming and is now in the final testing phase as the Zombie Fortune Cookies App. It is dark, intelligent, funny, quirky, unexpected and only weeks from release!


 Zombie Fortune Cookies App is here to help you prepare for the inevitability of becoming a zombie by giving you your zombie fortunes now


In Zombie Fortune Cookies you are the zombie. Until now, no App has treated you as the zombie. You are usually the hero trying to survive by fighting off zombie hordes. But it’s inevitable, when a zombie virus is released the likelihood of someone who owns a smartphone surviving is low. As a walking dead, it will be your turn to run down those succulent humans.

This app will give you your zombie fortunes now but first it will have to temporarily turn you into a zombie so that you can fully appreciate your future. Sure it’s like no app in the app store but more importantly it’s uniqueness makes Zombie Fortune Cookies highly entertaining. There are a few cunning features that have never been seen working together before. A full set of features will be revealed as we near Zombie Fortune Cookies’ release in Apple’s App Store so stay tuned.


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Zombie Fortune Cookies Written Content and Graphics

The written content was developed over the period of a month but only the best fortunes were chosen. We weren’t happy with the designer’s interpretation of the app either, so I dusted off the ol’ Bamboo graphics pad and Photoshop  to create all of the graphics within an insane twelve hour period. Now we feel that the graphics reflect what you would think of when you think of zombies. We built this app as one we would want to use over and over again. This may be the first themed fortune cookie app in Apple’s App Store.

Of course all of this means anything unless you like it, use it and give us feedback, so please leave comments or special requests below or on our Facebook page


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Nishal Mohan is founder as well as grunt of Pandemic Academic. He is a molecular biologist and works in many fields including virology, bioterrorism, marine conservation, design, art, photography and web development. He is also the founder of the Virtual Biosecurity Center, the Coral Reef Center, and most recently an awesome baby.
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